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Needs to Drink Water that Must be Considered by Pregnant Women

For all humans, drinking water is the most crucial need that must be fulfilled every day besides food, given the critical role of water in the body. This fluid in the body acts as a “carrier” for nutrients, solvents, vitamins, and minerals, maintains body balance, and lubricates joints. Water also regulates body temperature and maintains […]

Is it dangerous to have stomach pain during pregnancy?

Stomach pain during pregnancy is often expected. However, pregnant women need to be careful if other symptoms follow stomach pain or if the pain is very severe. To not be mistaken, pregnant women need to recognize the difference between average and dangerous stomach pain during pregnancy. As gestational age increases, the uterus will continue to […]

Drinking Tea While Pregnant, Here’s a Safe Way to Consume It

When pregnant, whatever is consumed of course, must be considered because it can affect the fetus that is being conceived. Some pregnant women who habitually drink tea may begin to doubt it is safe to do so? There are some critical things about drinking tea during pregnancy that you should know. Is it safe to […]