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10 Questions to Generate a Fading Partner’s Love

No couple aspires to divorce after marriage. Almost all of them want to have a lasting relationship with their partner. Starting a romantic relationship with your partner is easy, but keeping it last is challenging work. So not infrequently, many couples choose to end their relationship because they cannot go through a marriage relationship’s ups […]

Gastric Bypass: Is It Harmful to Lose Weight?

Gastric Bypass. Ever you heard about gastric bypass surgery to lose weight? Commonly referred to as bariatric surgery, this surgical procedure is performed by manipulating the digestive organs to lose weight significantly. One of the methods used in bariatric surgery is gastric bypass. Is this method effective compared to other methods? Also known as gastric […]

Drinking Tea While Pregnant, Here’s a Safe Way to Consume It

When pregnant, whatever is consumed of course, must be considered because it can affect the fetus that is being conceived. Some pregnant women who habitually drink tea may begin to doubt it is safe to do so? There are some critical things about drinking tea during pregnancy that you should know. Is it safe to […]

How to make your own hand sanitizer, safe and according to the rules

During the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining hand hygiene is an important thing to do. The trick is to wash your hands with soap and to run water or use a hand sanitizer. So, do you know how to make a safe hand sanitizer? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that hand sanitizers with […]