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5 Tips for Parents when Children are Victims of Bullying

When entering school age, parents hope that their children can study safely. The existence of teachers who act as substitutes for parents at school is considered to protect children. Even so, sometimes negative things happen to your little one, one of which is bullying.

Bullying or bullying is aggressive behavior done on purpose by someone who has more power than the victim. Bullying behavior can be in the form of physical or verbal actions that are carried out repeatedly.
Children Become Victims of Bullying, What Should Parents Do?

It must be annoyed and sad if your baby becomes the victim of inappropriate actions at school. So, here are some tips that moms and dads can do if a child becomes a victim of bullying:

1. Observant Seeing the Signs

Unfortunately, not all children will tell their parents if they experience unpleasant actions at school. Generally, they prefer to keep it a secret.

This means that mothers must be good at recognizing signs of children experiencing bullying, such as the child looking gloomy or very scared when told to go to school.

If it is true that your child has been being bullied, gently ask him to tell you the truth. The mother can take appropriate action to deal with the situation but avoid encouraging the child to get back at the bully.

2. Notify the School

After knowing that the child is the victim of bullying, immediately discuss this problem with the school, such as the teacher or the principal, to find a solution. Avoid getting carried away with emotions, but still, focus on everything to reach safety.

The reason is that the school does not know most cases of bullying because the children who are bullies start acting when there are no teachers around, such as during recess or coming home from school.

3. Direct Children to Face Bully Offenders

Tell the child how to behave in front of the bully. Your little one should not be shy, insecure, or afraid when dealing with naughty kids who are bullies. Instead, they must have the courage to say to the perpetrator, “stop teasing me,” “shut up,” and “stop.”

The BullyingUK page suggests parents to convince their children that this is not their fault. Experiencing bullying does not mean that your child is weak. The perpetrator is not always a child who is more assertive or dominant. So, it is crucial to keep children feeling confident.

4. Continue to Monitor the Child’s Condition

Please don’t give up when your child whines that they don’t want to go to school because they are bullying victims. Conversely, still, support the baby to go to school, but make sure to keep monitoring the child’s condition by actively asking, such as “How was today?”, “Is the child still bullying?” “Then what did you do when they did that? ?” and others.

If it is necessary, mothers can ask for help from child psychologists through the Halodoc application. Just tell the doctor about your problem with the doctor chat feature. It won’t take long, and the doctor will help you find the best solution. Whatever the issue of maternal health, trust Halodoc.

5. Changing schools

If the bullying continues and the child’s condition worsens, the mother can think of other solutions, such as moving the child to a new school or changing the concept of learning to homeschool for a while.

In essence, never underestimate bullying to children. This can cause trauma to children due to bullying that can carry over to adulthood and later affect their lives.

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